My Next Retreat in Spain

Super excited about this one!

I have learned so much from working with other people in my time spent in Bali. Loved working with Sophie Jones who is an expert in cleanses and detoxification. Sophie taught me so much about how to help my clients lose weight through NUTRITION….

because after all, –I’m a fitness gal!

Mia Young

P.S. my next weight loss retreat location, in Spain of course, exact location soon to be released!




Hey, it’s Mia!

hey everyone it’s Mia back from Bali and had a really ACE time! Really love Bali if you haven’t been YOU NEED TO CHECK IT OUT!

So cool, so much to do!

Back in Spain and enjoying life again. Working with a friend on a website and also doing some private lessons for fitness. The weight loss coaching I did in Bali helped a lot and I met lots of new people.

Much love and talk soon,


I’m trying to get curves, any advice, what do you think so far?


So I’ve been trying to add more curves and become stronger because I’m really sick and tired of the thin anorexic looking girls on cat walks, — they look sick if you ask me

I want to be strong and have nice shapely curves.

I’ve been cutting down my cardio. Do you think that’s a good idea for more curves?

I know how to lose weight that’s no problem but I need to add muscle to my thighs, it’s not so easy for me!

I’m starting to do squats and I was wondering if anyone has any advice or what you think so far?



Always loving my fitness! Always will.

mia-young-in-spainweightlossI really enjoy my fitness and so am at the gym like almost every day, my dad’s from the states so he is also really into it, he lifts weights, I like doing things like plyometrics and explosive training.

I’m really into parkour as well which is free running through streets and in the concrete jungle. Anything really where I’m moving and using agility, strength and stamina. And always at speed of course.

I’ve started a dance class yet I’m more of an get up and go girl where things are all neat and choreographed, they’re in the moment and real. Like for example on American Ninja Warrior where they’re doing obstacle courses and stuff that’s my style!